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All I need is time.


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Still remember the first time i saw you

still remember the first time i talked with you

still remember the time we were chatting online

still remember the time i called you

still remember the first date with you

still remember everything of you...


why was i this stupid

why didn't i realize the most important thing in my life

why did i leave you without any explanation

why did i hurt you

why did i meet you when i was young

why are you still the girl i love most

why did i meet the right girl in a wrong time...

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Happiness lies in contentment

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as an old saying goes, happiness lies in contentment.

you gain happiness for what you've got, but you suffer sadness for what you want to have.

but the fact is, no matter how much you've already had, how rich you are, you keep pursuing more rather than just enjoying your fortune, where your true happiness comes from. the more you want to have, the more sadness you will suffer.

for me, i always want to be the most excellent one, i want to be the no.1, i want to win the title, i want to have perfect marks, i want to be the one who everyone else admires. so i always ignore what i've got so far, i haven't realized how rich i am. i have a beautiful family, i have many good friends, i live in the place i love, i'm doing the things i'm keen on... so there is no excuse that i'm not happy.

i have to understand that no one is perfect, i can do something very well while others can't. also, there are something i'm not good at. that is because i'm a human, an ordinary person. i must admit this though i want to be perfect.

happiness lies in contentment, keep this in mind.

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shut the fuck up!

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the more you speak, the more problem you will face

it was not the first time that i speak some word without consideration and, in consequence, someone was upset about my bad joke. i'm sorry about that, offence was not my intent...

so i have paid a lot for this kind of class and i still haven't passed it yet. i'm wondering when i can be more mature and stop making silly jokes like that.

the easiest way to achieve that is close my mouse.

i was trying to open my mouse when i was a really shy boy, but now, maybe i need to learn how to close it again and learn when to use it...

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eat clean, train hard

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just had an egg and some milk

it's been a whole month since i started to eat clean - healthy foods, like chicken breast, tuna, salmon, mackerel, broccoli, asparagus, celery, wholemeal bread, peanut butter, egg, oats and milk. i have to say it's great, not only save money and time, but more importantly, good for health, well, not very tasty although.

also, after a year fitness exercises, i'm much more stronger than before. so just keeping going, all your efforts will pay off.

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waiting, i've been waiting for long long time, since when, i cannot remember. waiting for what, for whom, i'm not pretty sure.

there was a time, i believed that i can have everything i want as long as i'm excellent enough, i can have friends, lots of friends, i can have great life, i can have a wonderful family. but i realized that i was wrong.

nothing can be rewarded unless you make great efforts and there are still something that you can hardly get even if you did a lot for it, like a girl.

my mom always says that improve yourself, be excellent, and you will find her. i totally agreed with her but i think there are something more important. you have to be always kind to her, without considering the consequences. it is by no means that she falls in love with you just because you are an excellent man. love is giving, rather than receiving.

so am i still waiting? waiting for a right girl? waiting for a chance? or just waiting for a luck? none of them are correct. so go ahead, make a chance, and luck will eventually come up.

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